Wednesday, February 15, 2012

34 weeks!

I am updating on this week of pregnancy, so that I can look back and remember what I was thinking and feeling at this time.  After baby, pregnancy and specific symptoms that were felt at certain times becomes fuzzy and cloudy...that's why people have more babies. :)

When  I was just about 34 weeks pregnant with Reilly, I wrote about the joys of waiting and how precious this time of pregnancy is, because you never get it back.  The feelings and the kicks.  The peace of knowing that you are keeping you baby growing healthy.  I cringe when I hear people complain about the kicks.  Now, I have been getting very intense pain in my ribs from baby's feeties, and I am almost brought to tears at times.  But the kicking and movement, I will never complain about.  It is a miracle, and years from now, I will long to feel this rare feeling again.

At 34 weeks this time around, I am still very comfortable and feeling very good for the most part.  I am carrying wonderfully, I feel it.  I feel healthy and only ginormous at certain times of the day.  Like when I have to get off the couch (and can't) or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (when I have to roll) or when I pick Reilly up and hike her over the big belly (when I grunt). 

But mainly I am curious.  Will I really wait 6 more weeks to go into labor?  Reilly was born at 38 weeks, which has always led me to believe that I will be early this time too.  And then I found out that baby is measuring ahead.  As of yesterday, baby is measuring at 36 weeks (the body) and 38 weeks (the head).  According to their sonogram, the baby already weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz.  Now, I know this is very approximate.  But REALLY!  I have a baby who's head thinks it is an entire month older than it actually is.  Does this mean the head will start going into labor in 2 weeks?  Because if the head starts going, the rest of it will surely follow. 

I told my mom I wish I knew when I would be I can prepare.  She responded that I was prepared.  I said I know, I mean prepare MENTALLY.  To which she said, "Well,'re pregnant. Assume you'll be going into labor soon."  Seems like sound advice to me!   So 2-6 weeks it is.

One way that I have prepared is by freezing food.  Besides freezing meals, I cleaned and cut into cutlets 20 pounds of chicken.  I have bags and bags of chicken cutlets ready to be cooked.  I don't know why my nesting expresses itself in these bizarre ways.  But I have 3 freezers in my house, and they are all quickly getting filled.  I love freezers.

So 34 weeks, the countdown is on!  Another sonogram in 2 weeks to check on growth again!  Eek.  Baby, have mercy on your mama!  Go easy.  Take advice from your sister, she did great.  Tiny head, no pushing.  Good times.


  1. Wow... Your baby weighs 4 oz. more than his or her cousin, who is almost a month old already!! And I thought Lucie was tiny before...

    I love what you did with the photo frames and when I get Lucie's nursery done, I'll post photos of the awesome paint job I started, and Jonathan finished. You know... it's not the way I intended for it to turn out... but he finished it, because I couldn't in my very pregnant state, and there's no way I'm going to edit the way he chose to express his love for me and baby. ;-) He did follow my directions for sponge painting, for the most part...

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  3. PS- I wonder how you remain so calm... I'm crazy neurotic as a first time mom. Is it because this is the second time around for you? Your mom was the only one who could console me when I had no idea what a bilirubin was, except that Lucie's was high and she was yellow her first week.