Friday, June 4, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

I had some fun time hanging with my babygirl yesterday. We laid on the floor and she stretched out and we practiced focusing on things.

Well, she practiced focusing on things...I'm pretty good at it already.

I can't believe how happy she makes me.

You make me happy, too, Mama!

Those trees are so pretty! Daddy says we climb them. Mama says we take pictures of them.

Mama...I'm kind of fingers don't taste as good as your milk...

Silly face baby!

My curious little girl.
Hello, little feeties!

Look how fun her pants are! I love them.

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose!

Hi Mama!

My baby's baby blues. Where did you get your light features, pretty baby??

These are really for my family who is going through withdrawals without seeing her...but I hope everyone else enjoyed as well!

Fun fact: I wrote this whole post with one hand. Blogging while breastfeeding should be an olympic sport. I'm going for the gold.

Love & tiny toes,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. She looks so old! No she cannot borrow the car keys. . .

  2. I know, honey, our baby is growing up so fast...she is in size 1 diapers today, I almost cried!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pics!! I sat at my desk and cried as I scrolled through. I love you so much Reilly and i miss you to pieces. xoxo Mima