Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If You're Looking For My Husband...

...he could be found wrapped around Reilly's finger.

He is seriously smitten with her. It's the best thing I've ever witnessed.

But then he spoils her. Oh, what lies ahead of me...
This is a little glimpse of what happened last night. Daddy comes home from long day at work. Mama had long day at home [see yesterday's post]. Everyone is tired. Mama is feeding baby for a long while. Daddy gets ready for bed. Mama puts baby in bassinet, then gets ready for bed herself in bathroom. Baby is making little baby sounds, Mama waits for her to settle herself down and go to sleep.

Mama listens from bathroom. Hears little sounds. Mama fills up water bottle for midnight breastfeeding extravaganzas. Sounds are quiet.

Is baby sleeping? Let's go check.

Mama walks in to this:

Mama: Oh, hi baby! Is Daddy spoiling you?

Daddy: [laughs] She had gas. Doesn't she look comfy?

Mama: Yes, very comfy. I think that's her favorite spot.

Daddy: Honey, she's getting so big.

Mama: I know, but she still looks very tiny next to you.

I would say I wonder if she knows how much he loves her. But look at this picture. She definitely knows. And she definitely loves him back.

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  1. OMG OMG soooo cute!!!!! love you three so much!! xoxo AUNTIE!