Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rebellion

In case it has not become clear, I now live in a female - dominated household. It may not be clear upon entry to the house, but it has a definite effect on the dynamic. I grew up in a mostly female house, and looking back, there are little things that are just more...girly. I think there is a sensitivity in the household that everyone adapts naturally, for example.

And of course, there's little touches. know...frilly footwear clotheslines...

Oh, come on, how precious is this?

I have the clothesline to hang decorations for each holiday. This just kind of jumped right out at my mama and I. It had to be done.

Thanks Auntie Mimi for my first frilly pink ballet slippers! Definitely not my last...

These socks MAKE an outfit. She's learning the importance of accessorizing early.

Anyway, yesterday morning, I woke up to find the first signs of a rebellion. Daddy had some fun before he left for work in the morning.

Funny, dear. Very very funny.

Don't worry...the pretty shoes are back in their rightful place. :)

Love & Pink Things,

Dirt Road Mama

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