Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slices of Summer

Husband is home for the summer! School is over! Summer is here! The best part about being a teacher is that you maintain a part of your youth. The kids keep you young and excited. They make you laugh every day. You watch them learn, and learn from them. And inevitably, at the end of the year, you feel their same glory as the steamy summer starts to take over the classroom. Reviewing starts, prom excitement takes over, graduation and yearbook emotions run high, and then it happens. The last day of school. Clear out the classroom. Come home on a childlike summer high. Hubby loves his job more than most people I know.
But boy is he on that summer high.
Reilly and I decided to join him. We are just as excited that he is home, as he is to be home!

So naturally, we did summery things...

We made homemade pizza with our friends! This is only half the pie. We were even impressed with the results. I mean, that's brick oven quality right there.

We took an afternoon walk with Reilly Belle and found some pretty flowers. These are actually right in our front yard! Which thrills me, because daisies are my favorite.

These line a part of our road.

I'm not sure what they are called, but I love them because they close up when the sun goes down! See how the petals are starting to wrinkle? The flower isn't dying, it's getting ready to close up since the sun was setting.

We took afternoon nappies. And by we, I mean Reilly. Husband and I broke open some champagne. We decided a long time ago that we don't need a reason to have champagne. Follow that philosophy, it's a great way to live. And you get to have champagne all the time.

And can we pause to discuss the insanely precious ways that by little belle sleeps?? I apologize for those of you reading this and looking at that pictures, who can't squeeze those cheekies. I know it's an irresistible urge.

We found raspberry bushes. And then ate some. They're better than ones you'd buy at the store.

Then we woke up and lazy morning time with Daddy. On a Tuesday! Reilly was not used to this treat. She was overjoyed, can't you tell?

We love summertime. Thank you sun. Thank you Earth for rotating and bringing us summer. Or something.

Love & Sunshine,

Dirt Road Mama

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