Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time Flies!

I never knew I could be this busy being home all day with a teeny little babylove! Oh this day was a crazy one. I only looked at the clock 3 times all day. Literally 3 times.

The first time was 10:30 am. I realized I hadn't had any coffee yet. I briefly tried to remember life before I was a mama. And little flashes passes through my mind. Me in high school being the only person in 9th grade with a thermos of coffee every morning. Me in college decidedly being late to class so I had time to get coffee first. Me married to Hubby, visiting our friends out of state, leaving in the morning to get Dunkin Donuts because they weren't awake yet and that was faster than figuring out their coffee machine.

My, how things have changed!

The next time I looked at the clock was 12 noon. I realized all I had eaten was a little dried raisin bran. Dry because otherwise I would have spilled milk on Reilly while feeding her. Briefly I tried to remember life before I was a mama. Like when I stumbled out of bed and ate cereal or a banana or toast with jam before my eyes were really even open. Then I made myself a chicken cutlet sandwich.

The next time I looked at the clock was 3:00. I was doing dishes, and I realized Hubby would be home from work really soon. And then he'd ask me what I did today. And I thought about how fast today went, and then made a mental list:

1. Fed baby billions of times. Laughed at baby while she made her growling noise at me.
2. Changed a billion diapers. Laughed at baby when she peed on 3 diapers as I tried to put them on her.
3. Decided that baby's rash on her bum wasn't getting better, and took Hubby's advice to give it some air exposure. Took off her diaper, laid her on an old towel in Moses basket. Then she peed through towel and onto the blanket in basket that I just washed this morning. Great plan, Kate.
4. Changed Reilly's outfit 3 times. Due to various fluid-related events.
5. Read the book Mama Loves You to Rei. And a book about bugs at the beach. And she focused on the pages the whole time! She is a genius.
6. During third wardrobe change of a rooting baby, realized that my diaper genie is out of bags. And I don't know how to replace them.
7. Wondered how many diapers I'll change before Hubby gets home to figure out the diaper genie situation.
8. Laundry, vacuum, dishes, laundry.
9. Looked at this face:
And then I briefly tried to remember life before I was her mama. And I just couldn't. Try not to smile when looking at that face. I have been smiling all through this crazy, pee filled day.

Be the diaper change you wish to see in the world.

I'm sorry. I'm very low on sleep. It's not taking much to amuse me these days. I think I need some wine. Yes, that will solve things.

Love & Diapers,

DR Mama


  1. LOVE THIS!!!

    A tip from a cheap mom...
    We have a small trash for just pee diapers (because they don't smell real bad like poop diapers) and just put the poopy diapers in the geenie. It saves a ton on the diaper geenie refills!!
    Also, if that happens again, call me, I'll walk you through changing the geenie!!

    Love you!

  2. Fun reading Kate! You should be thinking BOOK!