Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Time We Went on a High Speed Chase

Let me make this clear - I do not recommend that others participate in these kinds of charades.

However, it was exhilarating. And scary. And looking back, makes me very proud to have accomplished such a feat. But clearly, it was a high speed chase. And therefore, it was dangerous.

I'm getting ahead of myself. I must make a few things clear first. One, I would never have experienced this event if it weren't for my sissy. She is extremely brave. And takes much bigger risks than I do. So I just happened to be tagging along, and now I have a cool story. And here's where the story begins.

Background information: My sister and I consider it a public service to call 911 when we see a dangerous driver. It really is. Say you are driving, someone is speeding/cutting people off/ swerving/possibly drunk/almost causing accidents. Normal person would scream and curse and be angry at this car.

Sister has taught me - do not waste anger on this useless person! Simply pick up your hands free cell phone device, and call 911. And say the following statement: I would like to report a reckless driver.

The operator is very appreciative, asks for the make of the car, your location, and the license plate if you can get it. And look - you may have just saved a life!! Why not make the call, and prevent this horrible person from maybe injuring someone innocent?

So anywho, that's a common practice for us. Especially when we were in college and driving around a lot together. My sissy - driver. Me - passenger, license plate getter, caller. No one is safe on the road next to sissy and I. Never drink and drive. The end.

Not really. Anyway, on this day, we were going to the dentist together. Our dentist was about 30 minutes from our house, in a huge office building. One of those building that have parking lot surrounding it completely, with millions of entrances. So we get into the turning lane to enter the parking lot, and there was a light there. It was red. So naturally, being the great people we are, we stopped. Stop, sit, chat. Have some nice red light conversation for about 15 seconds. BAM! We get rear-ended. Out of nowhere. In a left turning lane. What the crap.

So, we get out of the car, and speedy 40-something man behind us gets out of his car. We look at our car, there is a dent and scratches. The man suggests we pull into the parking lot to exchange information since we are on a busy road. Makes sense.

We pull into giant dentist parking lot, waiting for him to pull in. We sit and wait a few seconds. Suddenly (I bet you knew there was a suddenly coming), horrible man's car comes SPEEDING into the parking lot, past the back of our car, and straight towards the other exit. And I mean SPEEDING.

Here's where it becomes pivotal that my sister was behind the wheel. Her instincts are different than mine. Slightly more...risky we'll say? She screamed an expletive, and pulled the fastest U-turn I'd ever experienced. Literally, we spun around at like 60 mph. And she followed terrible accident flee-er. Before I knew what was happening, we were on a high speed chase. This guy did not know who he was messing with.

Our goal, you ask? Get that license plate. So I did the only thing I knew how in this situation - I dialed 911. And we chased. And awful-young-girl-taker-advantage-of-er kept on speeding! Across the parking lot, around the building, out the other end, across 4 lanes of traffic, and into ANOTHER parking lot. It became quite clear. He was actually trying to lose us.

Conclusion: We got the plate. We called the police. Nice police officer came and met us. That night, police officer went to horrible man's house, scared him into thinking he was going to be arrested, then informed him that the nice young girls that he tried to screw over were not going to press charges. And that he was very lucky, but quite terrible. Then police officer got his information, gave it to us, and he sent us money. Then we got our teeth cleaned.

We win.

Lessons to come away with:
1. Don't drive drunk.
2. Don't flee accident scenes.
3. Don't under-estimate young people.
4. Especially girls.
5. Don't mess with Sissy and I.
6. Never neglect your teeth.

Love and safe driving,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. HAHAHAHAHA SISSS!!!!! I am dying laughing right now! blast from the past for sure! hahaha i loveddd it!!! good times good times. and yes we were on a high speed chase!!
    your risky sistaa :)
    ps i love you!

  2. I am very proud of both of you. . .and I'm glad that you got your teeth cleaned. That is very important.

    This is reason 45345398 why I love the both of you!!!

  4. hahaha that was great! you go girls!