Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Girl.

It's crazy the love that you can feel when someone grows inside you. And then falls out of you. And then stops crying just because you walk into the room. And then stares at your face like she's studying each part of it. And then touches your cheek and holds onto your hair as you carry her around. And then falls asleep on your chest, because you know it's the safest she's ever felt.

This girl is just slightly bigger than her Mama's paintbrush.

But she's got me. She's got me loving her the strongest love I've ever known. It's as strong as the love I have for her Daddy, but different. Because he and I love her the same, and more than anyone else. She's half him, and he knows it's he who needs to protect her, and no one else. His love for me made her, kept her growing, and keeps her safe. And see, she fell out of me. I am the source of her every meal, and my heartbeat is her favorite song.

So we are all tied by this love, our family. It's strong. And quite unbreakable.

I wonder when she'll know how much we love her.

I can't stop writing about it. Because I can't stop thinking about it.
This love that I have for her. It's crazy.


DR Mama


  1. "His love for me made her"...AMAZING statement...love it!

    L, Mary

  2. I think that loving her is easy because she is the cutest. Ever.

  3. Kaitlin, your baby girl is ADORABLE. I bet it's so fun to watch every move she makes. That face is priceless! <3

    ~ Jenna