Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Love This Man

Coming Soon: How to Spoil a Daddy

For now, a little peek at our day with our best guy...

Rei wore her "I Love Math" shirt, just for Daddy.

We relaxed together, and Daddy got a well deserved nap!

Don't worry, I took baby from him while he slept...we have sleep walking issues. And by we, I mean Hubby.

Daddy and Reilly in the morning...we made him breakfast in bed!

Daddy giving Reilly her first bottle. I am in love with pumping. God bless the person who invented the breast pump.

What did we do to deserve him, Reilly?
He amazes me more every single day.
He loves his girls so much.

And Hubby, we love you right back.

Love & Daddies,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. So, yesterday at church I was looking @ Brett (he eventually had to ask "what" b/c I think I was staring @ him...I have issues w/ staring & not realizing I'm doing's a family thing I think b/c my sisters do it too)...anyway, I was looking at him and thinking about him being a dad b/c he was wearing his new #1 dad shirt. I was wondering what your post was going to be today and what cute pics you would be posting. Very cute pics...Reilly looks like she's grown so much in the last month :)

    L, Mary