Monday, June 14, 2010


I can't believe my sweet baby girl has been here for one month! It's amazing. I can't remember my life without her little noises, her button nose, her chunky chunky cheekies, those bright blue eyes, and of course, her ravenous breastfeeding. I really can't imagine it.

My Hubby says every day since she's been here has felt like a vacation. He loves coming home to her so much, that he keeps saying he feels like we're all on a baby vacation together. Which I think is adorable. The fact that he has been getting up with me and her in the middle of the night and still feels this way is pretty amazing.

So here are our pictures of our baby at one month old! As well as some things that I've learned about the little sweet potato. [Note: Photoshoot was a hilarious event - attempting to take pictures after a feeding, after mama has a nice shower, when the sun is still providing nice light, after mama makes a cute "1 month" sign, and while dinner was waiting to be cooked.]

1. She's not a complainer. She tells us what she wants. If she's crying, she wants something. She never cries for no reason - she's either hungry or gassy. And she gives little shrieks, and then she's fine. It's quite hilarious. Sometimes she shrieks, and then just passes out the next second later, seemingly forgetting what she wanted in the first place.

[Case in point - she was hungry. Look at Aunt Mimi's cute shoes!]
2. She likes having her little fists next to her face. Since the day she was born, she punches those little arms out of her swaddle so she could wave hello to everyone. And of course hug her Mama.

[My poor banana! This is when we realized she was definitely hungry.]

3. She loves to eat! I mean, look at those chins! Since the moment she was born she's been a little breastfeeding champ. It is the most unbelievable thing. And if anyone is holding her when she's hungry, she'll suck on you until you give her to her mama. :)

[This photo came after a feeding break. So much for an awake photo!]
4. She loves her Daddy. His chest is her favorite place to sleep. And she'll just stare at him when she hears his voice. She makes him laugh every day. They're pretty much BFF.

[Notice we lost a shoe in this process.]
4. She loves sleeping, like her Mama! We just have to work on the length of time that she sleeps. We'll get there.

5. She's so content. She'll be awake and just lay there like a sweetheart observing her world.

[We left her sleeping to go make dinner after this ordeal. Then I turn around and I see this little banana staring at me.]

6. She likes to exercise. No one believed me that she had the strongest kicks in the world when she was in my belly. But now she kicks her blankets off, she kicks her diaper off (it's true, it happened once), and we can barely hold her legs when we change her! She's a strong little bugger.

[Get rid of this silly sign, Mama.]

7. She has her Mama's eyes. Which makes me so happy.

8. She loves watching the trees. Her changing table it right next to the window, and she stares at the trees in the wind when we change her.

9. She loves her Mama. We spend every day together, and taking care of her is my favorite thing I've ever done. She's my little soul sister.

10. She loves music. I sing to her, she she calms right down and listens. And her favorite song is Fur Elise. When we play her baby Beethoven, she is mesmerized when the song comes on.

Love & little growing babies,

Dirt Road Mama

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